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Command: Device Repository

Symbol: _cds_icon_device_repository.png

Function: The command opens the Device Repository dialog. This dialog is used to manage the devices which are installed on the local system and can be integrated into CODESYS projects.

Call: Tools menu

Dialog: Device Repository


Do not change the internal device repository manually. Do not copy any files to or from the repository. Always use the device repository dialog to install or uninstall devices.


Display the device repository directories on the local system

The list box contains the currently set locations. By default, CODESYS creates the system repository during installation. The devices of the selected location are listed in the Installed Device Descriptions area.


Opens the Edit Repository Locations dialog

Table 120. Dialog: Edit Repository Locations

List of the repositories with Location and Name


Creates a new repository

Opens the Repository Location dialog

The selected directory (Location input field) has to be empty or it has to be a valid repository.


Opens the Repository Location dialog (see Add)


A dialog prompt opens for you to decide whether or not the respective directory should also be deleted from the hard disk.

Table 121. Installed Device Descriptions

List of device descriptions in multilevel tree structure

Shows all device descriptions with Name, Vendor, and Version

The top nodes represent device categories (for example PLCs, fieldbuses, or logical devices).

String for a full text search

This field is editable when you click into it. As you type in a string, only those devices are displayed which include the string. The matched string is highlighted in yellow for these devices.


List box with vendors whose available devices are displayed


Opens the Install Device Description dialog

For the default devices with file type "*.devdesc.xml"

You can also select manufacturer-specific description files, such as "*.gsd" files for PROFIBUS DP modules, "*.eds" and "*.dcf" files for CAN devices.

When you click OK to confirm the selection, CODESYS inserts the new device into the device repository. If an error occurs during installation (for example, missing files which are referenced by the device description), then CODESYS reports the error to the lower part of the device repository dialog.


Removes the selected device

If you delete the device from the device repository, then it is no longer available for use in the programming system.

Renew Device Repository

Updates all devices in the device repository

When new versions of import plug-ins are available, some device descriptions may be outdated. The values are marked with the _cds_icon_dev_rep_old.png symbol. The command opens a dialog to confirm the update.

Download Missing Descriptions

Opens if you use devices in your project which are not available in the device repository

When you execute the command, a list of missing devices is displayed. There you can select the corresponding devices for download.


Opens the Details dialog for the selected device description

The dialog provides additional information from the device description file.


During installation, CODESYS copies the device description files and all additional reference files to an internal location. As a result, any changes to the original files no longer influence the installed devices. You have to reinstall the devices to make any changes effective. We recommended that you change the internal version number of a device description after a modification.