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Getting Started with the CODESYS Automation Server

To use the CODESYS Automation Server platform for communication with PLCs and the CODESYS Development System, you need the following products which are available in the CODESYS Store International:

  • CODESYS Automation Server

    This is how you get access to the CODESYS Automation Server platform for communicating from the CODESYS Automation Server with network PLCs.

  • CODESYS Automation Server Connector

    Add-on for the CODESYS Development System in order to communicate with the CODESYS Automation Server from the CODESYS Development System

  • CODESYS Edge Gateway

    Extended CODESYS Gateway for communication between the PLC network and the CODESYS Automation Server


Pay strict attention to the security notices for using the CODESYS Edge Gateway.


When you install the CODESYS Edge Gateway package on your computer, the services of the existing gateway are overwritten.

How to order the CODESYS Automation Server in the CODESYS Store International

  1. Open the CODESYS Store International or the CODESYS Store North America.

  2. In the CODESYS Store International, click the CODESYS Automation Server tab.

  3. Click the CODESYS Automation Server product.

    Detailed product information is shown.

  4. In the Hostname (used in the URL) field, type in a unique name for your CODESYS Automation Server.

    For Platform and Region, list boxes will be available in a later version.

  5. Click Order now.

  6. In the next step, provide the payment details, accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of CODESYS GmbH, and give your consent for your business information to be shared with third parties for specific purposes.

  7. Then click Buy Now to complete the order.

  8. Afterwards, you get a confirmation email for your order and an email with the activation link for your CODESYS Automation Server "host name".

    In the confirmation email, you will find a link to your user account where you can always view the current article data and cost information for your CODESYS Automation Server. In the user account, you can also make changes and cancel your CODESYS Automation Server.

  9. In the email with the activation link, click Setup user.

    The Add initial admin account dialog of the CODESYS Automation Server opens. Your ticket ID is also displayed in the dialog.

  10. In the Add initial admin account dialog, type in your Name, User name, email address, and a secure, unique password. The password has to meet the following requirements:

    • At least 8 characters long

    • At least 6 different characters

    • At least one number (0–9)

    • At least one uppercase letter

    • At least one lowercase letter

    Then click the Create initial administrator button.

    The message Initial administrator account was created and the URL for logging in to the server are displayed in the next window.


    Copy this URL to the desktop of your computer, for example, because this URL accesses the sign-in page of your Automation Server.

    You will also need your email address and password to connect from the CODESYS Development System to your Automation Server.

  11. Copy this URL and paste it into your browser.

    Now you can sign in to your server on the Sign in page with your user name and the password you specified in the previous step.

  12. Then, according to the instructions in this help, you can enter PLC on the CODESYS Automation Server and connect the server to them. Using the CODESYS Automation Server Connector package, you can now add an Edge Gateway from the CODESYS Development System to the server and upload CODESYS projects and boot applications to the CODESYS Automation Server.