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CODESYS Automation Server and CODESYS Automation Server Connector

The CODESYS Automation Server is a platform for managing PLC landscapes. An integrated repository allows related projects and applications to be managed and versioned. Applications can be rolled out centrally via the CODESYS Automation Server either manually or automatically on multiple PLCs simultaneously. Secure remote access to PLCs is possible by means of the CODESYS Automation Server, for example for remote debugging, remote display of visualizations, and reading and loading licenses. In the Analyzer part of CODESYS Automation Server, process data can be recorded, evaluated, and displayed in dashboards.

The CODESYS Automation Server Connector is an add-on for the CODESYS Development System. It can be used to synchronize projects and applications between the CODESYS Development System and the CODESYS Automation Server. The CODESYS Edge Gateway can be configured by means of the CODESYS Automation Server Connector as well as the CODESYS Service Tool.

You can download the CODESYS Automation Server and the CODESYS Automation Server Connector from CODESYS Store International or CODESYS Store North America.