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Dialog: Customize: Toolbars

Function: With this dialog, you create new toolbars or customize existing toolbars.

Call: Tools → Customize command, Toolbars tab

When you click OK to close the dialog, the changes are visible in the menu bar of the CODESYS user interface.

Table 183. Toolbars

Display of the currently defined toolbars

CODESYS lists the associated commands below each toolbar in the order they will appear on the toolbar.

Double-clicking a toolbar in the list switches to editing mode.

Add Toolbar

Can be selected when a toolbar is selected

CODESYS adds a toolbar above the selected toolbar and positions the cursor in the name field of the new toolbar.

Add Command

Can be selected when you select a command or blank command entry below a toolbar

Adds a command above the selected command

Opens the Add Command dialog

Use the Add Command dialog to select one or more commands.

Left part: List of categories

Right part: List of commands in the selected category

Add Separator

Inserts a separator above the selected command


Hides the selected toolbar from the CODESYS user interface


Shows the selected toolbar in the CODESYS user interface


Resets the toolbars to the default settings


Loads the settings from a stored file (<file name>.opt.tbar)

For more information, see: Customizing Toolbars