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CODESYS SoftMotion Light

CODESYS SoftMotionLight is a functionally restricted motion solution for single-axis motion. It allows you to control a large number of axes with one controller.

As motion is executed on the axes, both the controller and the fieldbus are unburdened. Only the status updates and motion commands are sent over the fieldbus. For commanding and monitoring the axes, the familiar PLCopen function blocks for motion control are implemented, such as MC_Home, MC_MoveAbsolute, and MC_ReadStatus. Simplified functionality is also provided.

The following table shows how CODESYS SoftMotionLight is different from CODESYS SoftMotion.

CODESYS SoftMotion

CODESYS SoftMotionLight

Required CPU resources



Required bus bandwidth / velocity



Required real-time capabilities (PLC and fieldbus)



Latency until new motion commands are in effect

Very low (new command started in same PLC cycle)

Medium (depends on configuration and fieldbus)

Synchronization of several axes (cam, electronic gear, and CNC) and advanced functions, such as a touch probe.


Not supported

Supported drives

Large and growing number of drivers for specific drives

Drives which support CiA 402

You can download the CODESYS SoftMotionLight from the CODESYS Store International or the CODESYS Store North America. There you will also find the data sheet for the product.