CODESYS Profiler is a program analysis tool which is integrated in CODESYS for detecting inefficient programming in your application source code.

The term "profiling" means taking measurements for the runtime behavior of POUs of the application. This is possible by means of the instrumentation of the code, or on multicore systems by means of sampling.

In addition to profiling, CODESYS Profiler also supports the measurement of code coverage. It determines the portion of the running statements for each POU. This method also works by instrumenting the code.

You can use the measurement data to help plan a course of action for optimizing the source code on both a structural and algorithmic level.

Overview of the integration of CODESYS Profiler in CODESYS:

Insert a Profiler object below the application. In the editor of this object, configure the desired measurement method and view the measurement results in online mode. Moreover, in the Online → Profiler menu, the Profiler Watch List is provided for configuring and displaying the POUs to be measured.