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Object: Recipe Definition

In the recipe definition (1), you define different data sets for the variables, which are called recipes (2).

For more information, see: Changing Values with Recipes

You can toggle the display of the recipe definition between the flat list view (3) and the structured display (4). In the structured display, CODESYS groups variables according to structure.



Entered automatically



Minimum value

Maximum value

If the variable value is less than the Minimal Value or greater than the Maximal Value, then CODESYS sets the value to the Minimal Value or Maximal Value.


Additional information, for example the unit of the value

Current value

Current variable value; not shown in online mode

Table 69. Additional commands in the context menu in the structured display

Add Sibling

Adds a sibling variable to the recipe definition

Add Child

Adds a child variable to the recipe definition