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Creating Source Code in IEC

Source code:

By "source code", we mean the implementation code which you insert into the POUs by means of the respective programming language editors. The following POU types are available for this purpose: POU (program, function, function block), action, method, property, and interface.

Programming language:

When you create a POU, you decide in which implementation language you want to program. In addition to the IEC languages, CFC is also available.

Implementation language editors:

A POU is opened for editing in the respective programming language editor when you double-click the object in the device tree or POUs tree. Then the POU is displayed either in the textual ST editor or in one of the graphical editors for FBD/LD/IL, SFC, or CFC. Each editor consists of two windows: In the upper window you make the declarations, depending on the setting in textual or tabular form. In the lower window, you insert the implementation code. You can configure the appearance and behavior of each editor throughout the project in the corresponding tab of the CODESYS options.

Note that a POU can be opened even while the application is in online mode and the editor is offline.

For more information, see: Programming Languages and Editors