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Dialog: Customize: Menu

Function: With this dialog, you define the structure and contents of the user interface.

Call: Tools → Customize command, Menu tab

When you click OK to close the dialog, the changes are visible in the menu bar of the CODESYS user interface.

Table 180. Menu

Display of currently defined menus, submenus, and included commands

CODESYS identifies the caption of a menu or submenu by the _cds_icon_customize_menu.png symbol. The layout from top to bottom corresponds to the layout displayed later in the CODESYS menu.

Add Command

Can be selected when a command is selected

Adds a command above the selected command

Opens the Add Command dialog

Use the Add Command dialog to select one or more commands.

Left part: List of categories

Right part: List of commands in the selected category

Add Separator

Inserts a separator above the selected command

Add Popup Menu

Adds a popup menu above the selected menu, submenu, or command

Opens the Add Popup Menu dialog

Edit Popup Menu

Opens the Add Popup Menu dialog


Resets the entire menu to the default settings


Loads the settings from a stored file (<file name>

Table 181. Add Popup Menu

CODESYS displays a new menu in the menu bar only when the menu contains at least one command.

Default text

Select this option when localization is available.

Localized texts

List of languages and localized texts

Add Language

Opens a list box for the language

CODESYS displays the selected language in the Localized texts area. Use the Text column to specify the localized texts.

For more information, see: Customizing Menus