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Command: Load Recipe

Symbol: _cds_icon_load_recipe.png

Function: The command loads a recipe from a file.

Call: Recipes menu

Requirement: You have selected a field in the recipe column of a recipe definition.

This command overwrites the values of the selected recipe of the recipe definition.


If you have selected the Recipe Management in the PLC option, then pay attention to the following:

If you use the Load Recipe command or the Read Recipe command to change recipes in the project, then an online change is required when you log in again.


If you want to overwrite only individual recipe variables with new values, then remove the values for the other variables before loading to the recipe file. Entries without value definitions are not read, and therefore updating leaves these variables unchanged on the controller and in the project.

For values of the data type REAL/LREAL, the hexadecimal value is also written to the recipe file in some cases. This is necessary so that the exactly identical value is restored when converting back. In this case, change the decimal value and delete the hexadecimal value.

For more information, see: Changing Values with Recipes