CODESYS Control for Linux SL provides a CODESYS runtime for a controller with a Linux operating system.

The requirement for CODESYS Control for Linux SL is hardware with 64-bit x86 architecture and the a Debian Linux distribution.

Runtime properties

The CODESYS Control for Linux SL runtime does not necessarily fulfill hard real-time demands because its scheduling method depends on the operating system. However, if the operating system is configured accordingly (for example as RT preempt patch), then the time behavior is adapted and the jitter times are minimized.

. Components supported by the runtime:
  • Fieldbus protocol EtherCAT: CODESYS EtherCAT Master

  • Fieldbus protocol EtherNet/IP: CODESYS EtherNet/IP Scanner, CODESYS EtherNet/IP Adapter

  • Fieldbus protocol ProfiNet: CODESYS Profinet Master

  • RS-232/RS-485-X3 (Modbus):

    • CODESYS Modbus TCP Master/Slave

    • CODESYS Modbus RTU Master/Slave

      Note: The operating system has to provide the serial interface.

  • CANopen

  • CANopen via EL6751 Gateway

  • J1939

  • KNX


  • CODESYS WebVisu

  • CODESYS SoftMotion, CNC

  • BACnet network protocol: CODESYS Control for Linux SL has a trial version of the BACnet stack.

    Note: You can get the full version of this in the CODESYS Store.

Edge Gateway functionality

For more detailed information about the Edge Gateway functionality, see the help for CODESYS Edge Gateway for Linux. To enable the Edge Gateway functionality and to connect the Edge Gateway to the Automation Server, you can use the CODESYS Automation Server Connector or the Service Tool. For more information about this, see the help for the CODESYS Automation Server in the chapter "Connecting an Edge Gateway to the Server and Entering PLCs". Note also the "Security Notices for the Edge Gateway" in the help.

Distribution scope of CODESYS Control for Linux SL

. Distribution scope of CODESYS Control for Linux SL
  • Debian runtime file (package)

  • Plug-in for the CODESYS Development System